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Legal Disclaimer: When taking part in the 2019 Ridge Off Roader, I agree and accept the following statement;

I understand that the Ridge Off Roader Committee and all associated sponsors and charities cannot be held responsible in any way for any loss or injury to myself or any other party howsoever arising and that I should seek advice from my medical practitioner if I am in any doubt as to my physical ability to participate in the event.

By registering for the Ridge Off Roader you agree to allow the organisers to send you occasional mails throughout the year with updates and news of the Ridge Off Roader.

This is a Charity Event. All proceeds go to the Bledlow Ridge School Association  (Registered Charity No. 1027422)

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Sunday 17th May 2020

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Landowners on the Race Routes

If you are a landowner, please rest assured that there will be no impact to your land from our event.  If you have any concerns at all, please  do not hesitate to contact us.  

If you are interested in marshalling for the event on your land, near your house - please do get in touch - we will endeavour to place people at their chosen locations and your support would be hugely appreciated.

Our race routes are along public roads/footpaths/bridle paths or we have sought specific landowner permission to run the race along their land. Whilst the runners may cause a little bit of extra mud in March, our intention is to ensure that the land along the two routes is left as we found it.

On the day of the race (Sunday 17th May 2020) we will erect sign age along the route. On the day, there will be marshals at key points so hopefully no runners will get lost and hence stray from the route. Water stations will be at key race positions, and these will be set up on the day and cleared away at the end of the race.

We do not expect there to be much littering during the race, but will ensure that any litter that is created will be disposed of later that day. Any route sign age erected will be taken down on the same day.

Gates on the Route

We would like to make the routes as obstacle-free as possible so that it is as enjoyable (and fast) as possible for our competitors.  This means that we have contacted all the landowners who have gates along the route to ask permission for example, to open large gates beside kissing gates.   Where there is only a kissing gate, we are asking permission to take the gate off its hinges temporarily for the duration of the race.

We will do this carefully and safely and feel that this will prevent the kissing gate getting wear from being opened and closed 300+ times by competitors.

and finally

Finally, a big  THANK YOU in assisting us run this annual fundraising race in aid of Bledlow Ridge School Association.